Kine Em

Who am I? Expressing identity and personality in fashion

Searching for your own identity is a primal urge for each one of us. To hold onto and be able to celebrate your own identity without fear of diversity is THE essence for all successful communication. If an ethnical minority experiences oppression year after year, there is a chance that the result of this forced assimilation would be the loss or their own language and culture. “Who am I? – that is a question that people ask themselves. Minorities do not exist in the public perception and their image can be damaged by the media, often systematically. Unfortunately, the Kurds were not spared this experience either. However, there were voices, which could not be kept silent.

Kine Em – Who am I?

The poem Kine Em (Who am I?) was written in 1908 by the Kurdish poet Cigerxun and describes the fight of the Kurdish people for their independence, their desire for freedom and their own national identity. In the seventies, the national bard Sivan Perwer turned the old poem into a song and his interpretation of Kine Em became an unofficial national anthem of the Kurds, a source of inspiration and motivation and a very important part of their collective memory. To give Kine Em and the question “Who am I?” a modern interpretation, we created an own t-shirt collection combined with a unique music project. It is the fight for peace and real communication!

Kine Em t-shirt as an expression of identity

TAYART sees itself as an ambassador for a peaceful, non-violent way for freedom for the Kurds. Since fashion in our daily lives takes a high priority and by no means only a pure style element, we use the Kine Em t-shirts to give a platform to this important message of Sivan Perwer. The need to show their own identity to the outside – with pride and without fear – we want to push ahead with these unique, strictly limited t-shirt edition.

Kine Em: Remixes by Thomas Kessler and many other artists

„Kine Em“ by Sivan Perwer, newly remixed is a symbol of the beginning of a new era. As an independent label, we asked several, well-known music artists like Thomas Kessler to create a number of different remixes of Sivan Perwer’s Kine Em. This song has symbolic meaning for the Kurds and stands for their desire to be free and their wish to live in peace. To live in peace, to be free and to speak openly– that is the new destiny for the Kurds, which TAYART passionately supports. “Who am I?” is interpreted in a new way. Kurdish music and relaxed house music can be combined – we prove it with the Kine Em music.


Part proceeds from the sale of the Kine Em collection help us to support social projects. This is a very important topic for all of our projects. The Kine Em Sivan Perwer Collection supports the Drug Addiction Help Service in the region of Dersim (Turkey).