Sakine Cansiz – symbol of women’s movement and independence

Our “Voice of Resistance” Collection is dedicated to the Kurdish guerrilla fighter and women's movement activist Sakine Cansiz. This amazing woman, who fought against the repression of Kurds in her home country, stayed in prison of Diyabakir for about ten years and was assassinated in Paris 2013. Her death led to major protests by Kurds in Europe. Sakine Cansiz – a female role model of the Kurdish resistance , of independence , the women’s movement – was laid to rest in her homeland.

The “Voice of Resistance” Collection includes firstly a high quality t-shirt with print, on the other hand the CD in an elaborate package including A1 poster with important data and facts about the interaction of Sakine Cansiz. Part of the proceeds will be donated to a social project for children and women.

Fashion with substance and character

The t-shirts designed by TAYART use the symbolic power of Sakine Cansiz to develop unique fashion with character. She is not just a “Kurdish” phenomenon, but a symbol of strength, will, visions, personal responsibility – attributes that deserve to be seen present. The women’s rights activist is shown on both versions of the shirts (men and women) as it vouches for the equality of both genders and cultures.

Voice of Resistance

In addition to an exclusively designed t-shirt, the Sakine Collection of TAYART includes a CD with recordings of international musicians. Thomas Kessler, Ahmet Aslan, Hakan Akay and Alfonso Padilla contributed to this magnum opus and made it a symbol of cultural diversity. Original recordings of Sakine Cansiz have been removed from their historical context carefully and have been incorporated into today’s spirit of the time. The message of “Voice of Resistance” remains unchanged. They include timeless themes such as equality, independence and women’s movement, which are packed in harmonic sounds that invite you to contemplate.

Sakine Cansiz, Dogan Fidan and Leyla Söylemez

The 9th January 2013 has become a symbol of the endless struggle for independence and equality. Sakine Cansiz , Dogan Fidan and Leyla Söylemez were shot in Paris that day. The second TAYART project called “147 Paris” focuses on this memorial day, as these three women were murdered in the building of the Kurdish information office, having house number 147. “Can’t stop us – eternal female resistance” is the theme and focuses each deceased woman’s rights activist. The demonstration on the 11th January 2014 is like the 14th July and shall stand for equality, freedom and social behavior (fraternity). We give these values a medium – in music and fashion.

Tayart music and fashion

As an Independent Label, TAYART wants to give a platform for selected music from different cultures. With carefully designed shirts, we give cultural symbols such as Sakine Cansiz and Together Trust / Fingers Crossed a stage in the fashion industry – to draw attention to social problems. We have a social responsibility and this is our contribution.