PRESS REPORT: April, 3rd, 2014

Newroz 2014: Living peace and freedom together

More than 300 million people celebrate the spring festival

It is a festival which is celebrated all over the world: Newroz! For more than 3000 years, the Equinox is a central theme in the Balkans, the Caucasus, Central Asia and the Middle East and invites people to celebrate together. Newruz Nowruz, Nooruz, Nauryz – the spring festival has many names, but in different cultures also many similarities. Tradition meets the current zeitgeist. Newroz is an important topic, also for young people.

The cultural background of Newroz

Every year on March 20 or 21, 300 million people worldwide celebrate a spring festival together. But why? Newroz is traditionally held at the Equinox, considered the beginning of a new year in many cultures. However, it is more than a New Year's Day. The traditions on Newroz reflect values that should not be forgotten in our society. Mutual respect, acceptance and peace are the themes that will be placed at the center at the spring festival by all participants.

Central thought of Newroz: „Peace and Freedom for everybody!“

Although the spring festival is celebrated by many different cultures, Newroz is also brought into a political context. Thus, many groups stand up for peace and freedom. It is a symbol of the struggle against war, exploitation and genocide, as well as for the solidarity and unity of peoples. The idea of peaceful Newroz stands clearly in the foreground!

Newroz festival in Dusseldorf, Munich, Berlin and many other cities

Every year, Nowruz is celebrated in many major European cities by hundreds of thousands people. Also in many German cities, cultural clubs invite to spend the Newroz festival together. In Dusseldorf, a demonstration is followed by a celebration at the Rheinwiesen. One thing is certain: Also, this year, Newroz was a big success!

Fashion and music within the meaning of Newroz

As an independent label in Dusseldorf, New York and Istanbul, TAYART also supports the idea that is behind the New Year and spring festival! Even in our fashion, we draw on these core values. Our collection “Together Trust” provides confidence in the focus and the songs of Kine Em – among others supported by Thomas Kessler – thematize self-determination and identity.