Press Report: January, 11th, 2014

Sakine Cansiz: Rally in Paris

Impressions from the memorial day on 11 January

Last weekend, January 11 to 12, was dominated by Sakine Cansiz , Doğan Fidan and Leyla Söylemez. To mark the anniversary of the death of the three young women, thousands of people participated in the rally in central Paris. Together, they called for the elucidation of the bloody deed. As part of the commemorative demonstration, the crowd marched from Gare du Nord to the Place de la Republique, shouting " truth and justice " .

The murder is still unsolved

The murderer who shot these women is still not found. Thus, this day of remembrance was full of perpetrators and victims! As the news channel n-tv reported, Turkey and the PKK blamed each other for the death of Sakine Cansiz, Doğan Fidan and Leyla Söylemez. From the Turkish side, internal tensions within the PKK are suspected behind the triple murder. The murder on 9 January 2013 was aimed at sabotaging the peace talks between Ankara and Öcalan. In contrast, the PKK says it was an attack of Turkish nationalists.

Sakine Cansiz in the center of the event

The independent label TAYART was also in Paris to assist with flags, t-shirts and music. Also the song “Song for Sakine ", which was created by the label in close cooperation with the electronics artist Thomas Kessler and musician Ahmet Aslan , was presented to the audience. The idea to focus on Sakine Cansiz and the two other major women with their deeds came largely to a positive tone.

Independent label combines interculturality with fashion and music

As an independent label, TAYART has financed everything itself and our responsibility as well as the basic idea of the label was well perceived. We got much interest and praise for the courage to further promote interculturality using such a strong symbol as Sakine Cansiz. This self-confidence the young label showed at the weekend stands for itself: “We are independent , creative, and ahead of our time . That's why we do not care what others think of the project "Sakine / Voice of Resistance". "We stand for individuality and interculturality using fashion, music, fashion and art."