PRESS REPORT: April, 22nd, 2014

TAYART Lunch Bag: Function meets lifestyle

What a bag tells about a person

Bags have become an important accessory – for both men and women. It is not only a good way to stow many important (and useless) things: The right leather bag is a statement. A bright red bag matched with a black dress: a real eye-catcher; turquoise bag on white linen suit: a style element! With our TAYART bag collection, we want to set new standards – and tell you what a bag reveals.

The classic handbag

Cell phone, keys, makeup, notebook – in a classic handbag, everything is pure, whatever is needed on the go. Men and women both have realized how practical a leather bag is. However, they put more emphasis on their use. Casual jeans, cool shirt (TAYART of course) plus a leather bag: This is something for the more independent type who wants to emphasize the practical benefits of his style without sacrificing a sense of style.

The Clutch

The clutch bag is a small, elegant handbag without a handle or shoulder strap. This means automatically that it is easily carried in the hand or is clamped between the upper and lower body. Since the clutch is combined with rather elegant outfits, it is made of high quality material. Calf leather, fur or gold applications are some stylistic devices, in order to emphasize the special occasion.

Men and women, who prefer the clutch, focus on the essentials. The leather bag is worn as an accessory to perfect the style.

The TAYART Lunch Bag

Why do you have to decide if you can have both? The TAYART Lunch Bag is clutch and handbag in one. The trendy style of the bag is optically aligned on a simple paper bag, as they are known from American supermarkets or from the weekly market. With a second look, you can see that it is a high-quality product made of calf leather. All bags are handmade and are only available in a strictly limited edition. Due to popular demand, they are available in addition to beige in three other colors. The pressed TAYART logo on the front and magnetic closure make the leather bag to a stylish but practical companion to any outfit.

TAYART – we love contrasts!

Discreet but exceptional. Paper bag meets high-quality calfskin. How does that work? TAYART loves to combine these opposites in music and fashion – and to create something entirely new. The lunch bag is just one example of it. In our collections, we use this principle again and again. Since original recordings of Sivan Perwer are mixed with modern house tones, there is something uniquely new!