News: 20. Februar 2014

T-shirts with personalities

Fashion with a message: Jonny K., Timoschenko and Sakine on t-shirts

Some wear it unconsciously, others take it for conviction: t-shirts with important personalities printed. Che Guevara , Jonny K., Timoschenko and Sakine Cansiz are just a few examples. Nevertheless, everyone should be aware of the fact, that fashion with personalities contains a message, when one decides to wear such a shirt. TAYART presents you three projects in this topic.

Jonny K. – one face, one message

This case did not cause headlines and consternation only in Germany. The 20 -year-old Jonny K. was beaten up at Alexanderplatz in Berlin on the night of October 14 2012. A few days later, he died from his injuries. He showed courage and had to pay with his life. A plaque commemorates his courage, but for his family this was not enough. They founded “I am Jonny e.V.“ Since then they are committed to peaceful coexistence and values such as tolerance and acceptance. A t-shirt with Jonny K. is exactly a symbol of that!
“There is only one person needed to change something” – that is the motto of the so-called Style Society, which has been supported by many German celebrities . Minh Khai, Sibel Kekilli, Jürgen Vogel and Jerome Boateng are just a few examples, who proudly wear this fashion with a message.

George Clooney and the Timoschenko t-shirt

During an interview with a popular German journal (BILD-Zeitung), Hollywood actor George Clooney wore an interesting outfit. The black t-shirt with print showed the former Prime Minister of Ukraine Julia Timoschenko. The politician gets a lot of attention on the international level, because she has been involved in a process in since August 2011. Many say, this is a show case. George Clooney is among the supporters of Timoschenko and says: “She is a political prisoner, but has not committed any crime. I think not enough people deal with that fact. That’s why I like to wear t-shirts that draw attention to important events.”
Making a statement with fashion: This is also the principle of TAYART. Only if we accommodate political and social issues in our daily lives, we can change things that disturb us. George Clooney is a demonstrator against the current political situation in Ukraine – here is the video.

A TAYART project: Sakine Cansiz – Voice of Resistance

As an independent label, TAYART goes ahead. Fashion with a message – that is what you can find in all our collections. One special project includes t-shirts and tank tops that show the Kurdish women's rights activist Sakine Cansiz. The activist was murdered brutally in Paris in 2013, together with Doğan Fidan and Leyla Söylemez. However, the actions of the Kurdish woman must not be forgotten. For this reason TAYART designed this fashion collection. T-shirts with Sakine Cansiz are already worn in Dusseldorf, New York, Hong Kong and Istanbul. A part of the proceeds goes to social projects for women and children around the world.

What do you think?

Should fashion keep out of politics and society or are those t-shirts with a message necessary? We are looking forward to your feedback – on Facebook or Google+.